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What changes to the EVM Object Format are being debated for the upcoming Pectra upgrade in Ethereum?

Ethereum developers are still debating how much to include in the upcoming Pectra upgrade, particularly regarding changes to the EVM Object Format (EOF).

07-19 03:50

How will the $230M hack at the Indian exchange affect the future of SHIB?

Hackers stole over 5 trillion SHIB from India's top crypto exchange, causing SHIB to temporarily drop by 10%.

07-19 03:18

What is the expected impact of Grayscale's Bitcoin and Ethereum Mini Trust ETFs filing on the market between now and July 31?

Asset management firm Grayscale Investments has excited its shareholders with an update about the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) spinoff into a mini Trust. Grayscale has filed for Bitcoin and Ethereum Mini Trust ETFs. According to Fulcrum News, this event is set for July 31.

07-19 10:35

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