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  • For the second airdrop, we will be operating on two chains (BNB Chain and Solana Chain) at the same time, with a collection period of 2 weeks.
  • For detailed airdrop rules, please refer to: https://docs.qna3.ai/qna3.ai-documents/qna3.ai-docs/airdrop-strategy
  • You can connect your BNB and Solana wallets separately in the airdrop collection module on the right, and see the airdrop amount for each wallet.
  • In this round of airdrop, we will give 5,000,000 tokens to users as a reward for their continued support. If you miss out, don't worry, there will be a third round of airdrops happening in a month.
  • QnA3 is committed to ensuring that true community members receive the maximum airdrop rewards and will continue to take measures against Sybil and bot accounts.
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